Bee Hotel

Entry level. Every feature is available. After 30 days from the order, the service will stop. Perfect for giving a try, creating a few rooms and testing the first reservations.


What you get

Get BEE Hotel to receice online reservation without paying fees

With BEE Hotel you have a CMS website full of features, an eCommerce to manage your orders and a  direct  reservation system.

    With BeeHotel you have a Website.

    You have a  Website with top-quality CMS features. You can create and update your content anytime, without being an expert


    • Infinite pages
    • Infinite images
    • Infinite languages
    • Contact form
    • Automatic upgrades
    • More that 10 skins for your pages
    • Realtime backup
    • Social Media integration

    With BeeHotel you have an Ecommerce

    A full Ecommerce package where you can manage:


    • Orders
    • Customers
    • Payment
    • Automated Email 
    • Invoices (pdf)
    • Sales reports


    With BeeHotel you have free  Reservations

    a free Reservation system where your own Guests book your rooms, and you  pay ZERO commissions.

    • Direct and exclusive relationship with the customer
    • No booking fees
    • Dynamic pricing
    • Algorithm configuration panel customized for you
    • No limit
      • unlimited rooms
      • unlimited customers
      • unlimited reservations
    • Initial configuration
    • Assistance (buy assistance package)
    • Video tutorials



    Bee Hotel runs on Drupal, probably the most powerfull and sophisticated open source available.

    This will take out the best for your Internet visibility:


    Content Authoring

    • Create content — even from numerous users — in one place
    • Deploy content across channels
    • Connect with all of your marketing tools
    • Users access your content on any device
    • Monitor site content and campaigns in one place, ensuring brand consistency
    • Tailor, retarget, personalize content



    • Structured meta data that's readable by screen readers.
    • Editorial options to enforce accessible content creation.
    • All the tools you need to serve everyone.



    • Widening of audience
    • Unrivaled translation workflows
    • Boost in SEO
    • Higher conversions; CSA Research says that people prefer to make purchases while browsing in their native language



    • User Access Control
    • Database Encryption
    • Information sharing via security reports
    • Auto-update and core validation work in partnership with GitHub
    • Prevention of malicious data entry
    • Mitigation of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
    • Patching of issues before they’re exploited



    • Provide a customized experience
    • Segment visitors across devices with a focus on the important user personas for your business goals
    • Track and report with A/B and multivariate testing
    • Increase ROI through target marketing

    BeeHotel is probably the easiest way to build your own reservation system. Still, something must be done on your side. Before ordering your BeeHotel, be sure you have:

    • Access to your Domain DNS
    • Credential for the SMTP Mail server
    • Text and images for your content
    • a Paypal account


    In doubt, get in touch for clarifications

    Try BeeHotel for free

    Come vedi BeeHotel è composto da molti elementi. Per iniziare nel modo giusto devi sicuramente provarlo prima. Puoi provare:


    • Acquista l'opzione da 1 mese. Questo ti darà tutte le funzionalità da provare con un costo minimo
    • Scarica BeeHotel gratuitamente e provalo tu stesso. Sono necessari alcuni compenze IT.